Woodcarvers of Las Vegas

We are a new group of woodcarvers of all skill levels who want to advance our skills and help others.

We are meeting at Wood it is at 2267 w. Gowan, North Las Vegas on the first Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m. .
And at Woodworkers Emporium at 5461 Arville in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:30 a.m..
Come join us .

For more information contact Dennis Patchett 702-782-3519
or Randy 630-308-7422

email -- glaurj4@gmail.com

Monday, December 19, 2016


                                                       WOODCARVERS OF LAS VEGAS

 Our end of the year meeting was a week early due to Christmas Eve. We had a nice group of 7 members in attendance.  Christmas carvings were on display with Bob's cotton wood bark Santa's, and Rod's antler carved Santa.

Jerry brought some of his carvings to share as well.

Len Black will be doing his chip carving demo at the February 2017 meeting. He is getting prepared and the weather might be better.

Finally Rod was inspired with Dennis's out house.  He carved one with a cowboy. 
Great job by all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.
Randy and Dennis


Thursday, December 1, 2016


                                            WOODCARVERS OF LAS VEGAS

Another great meeting with one new member in attendance. That gave us another meeting with 10 carvers.
First while I have you reading, some members have asked me if I could supply them with another members phone number. I only have a very few . If you would like to supply me with your phone number to add to the list please email it back to me.

Also A few members have requested to be dropped from our email list for various reasons. If you no longer wish to receive our emails you can also let me know.

Next Len has finished his move from Indiana and is now here permanently. He is planning to do his chip carving demo at the January 2017 meeting.  More information to follow.


Bob has a new hobby. He is making his own carving knifes. Here is the finished product. GREAT JOB BOB!

 And finally Dennis has finished his latest carving. I guess we can say "things are in the crapper"  ( sorry, my joke Dennis).


Great job Dennis. See you all on the 17th.