Woodcarvers of Las Vegas

We are a new group of woodcarvers of all skill levels who want to advance our skills and help others. We are meeting at Woodworkers Emporium on south Arville in Las Vegas.
We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month.
Come join us .
For more information contact Dennis Patchett 702-782-3519

Thursday, August 27, 2015

                                              WOODCARVERS OF LAS VEGAS

We had our normal monthly meeting at Woodworkers Emporium last Saturday the 22nd.
Our attendance was our normal 6 with one new member, Zep Sylvis.

Were we treated to some beautiful chip carved boxes by Len. And also a Sassafras cane he also carved to practice faces.
Remember fellow woodcarvers this will be the last email of the blog from this email address.
If you want to continue receiving the blog and any emails please send me your email address to

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