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We are a new group of woodcarvers of all skill levels who want to advance our skills and help others.

We are meeting at Wood it is at 2267 w. Gowan, North Las Vegas on the first Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m. .
And at Woodworkers Emporium at 5461 Arville in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:30 a.m..
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Monday, May 26, 2014

May Meeting @ Woodworkers Emporium

Wonder if his bayonet 

is as sharp as our

 carving knives?

Happy Memorial Day

Here's what happened at Saturdays Meeting:

Scott's Knife, Walnut Handle
     For starters, we had a pretty sparse turn out for this meeting.  I'm sure that this being Memorial Day had a lot to do with that as many use this unofficial start of summer to get out of town and head for the lake, mountains, forests, and anywhere else.  There were half a dozen of us so the meeting was pretty informal.  Scott brought in this knife that he recently made, it's based on a design by Mike Shipley.  Being new to the carving scene I hadn't heard of him but here's a  LINK to some of his tools.  Even though I have more pressing work going on in my shop this really intrigued me!  Scott said he used an old Sawzall blade which I happened to have.  Everything went fine grinding and sharpening an edge until I attempted to drill holes in it --- no luck!  I'll have to ask him how he accomplished that.

     I brought in this little Dachshund which is my first attempt at 3D carving.  I'm needing help on how to smooth out the curves and a thin, flexible knife was the suggestion.  That's what I tried to make but once it came to drilling the holes that project is stopped for now.  I may be better off  to just spend twenty bucks or so and have a professionally made one.

Scott went over several techniques of how to hold our knifes for different application.  The subject of sharpening came up as well.  If there's one thing everyone understands is that without a sharp knife, carving will be a frustrating experience.  Here is a collection of diamond and water stones he showed us along with tips on using them:

Along with sharpening, it's important to hone your blade before, during, and while you're working.  I brought in a portable strop (shop made) that can simply be hooked over a table.  The small dowel has a piece leather charged with rouge glued to it that is helpful for removing the burr from the inside of gouges.

   We spent the meeting time experimenting on some more sticks and it was suggested that we dedicate a meeting to creating these caricature practice sticks.  Many of the members are beginners and it would be valuable for us to slowly go through this process step by step, making the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. on one of these sticks to gain confidence and muscle memory in our carving endeavor.

     If you know of others who might be interested in getting involved in the woodcarvers club let them know that we meet every fourth Saturday of the month at Woodworkers Emporium.  Mark your calendar as well.  Randy will be doing the blog and I'm sure he'll send reminders out to everyone a couple of days prior to each meeting.

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